Why Should You Choose a Virtual Business Address?

A commercial address in Melbourne CBD need not come with high leasing costs. Whether you are a start-up, a home business or even a newcomer to the Melbourne market who needs a temporary physical presence while you’re testing the waters, a virtual business address can be just the solution for you.

A virtual business address can sometimes be known as a virtual or serviced office. It lets you hire the benefits of a physical office, complete with mail and telephone services, at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own office.

Read on to find out the advantages of availing the services of a virtual address:

Prestigious commercial address:

Various surveys show that customers are more likely to trust a company with an address in an established commercial centre. Melbourne’s CBD, with its worldwide popularity, is especially sought after for this reason. Some streets, such as Smith Street, even don the crown of the World’s Coolest Street. Over 44% of all small businesses in Australia have a presence here. You, too, can get an address here without the hassle of having to lease an office space and spend your resources on administering it.

Mail Servicing:

You save precious time when a professional mail servicing agent handles your correspondence. The average professional spends up to 28% of his time reading and responding to mail. If you are a home business, this time could be crucial. Instead, you can concentrate your efforts on improving your business.

Top service providers will receive your mail, scan it and upload it to your virtual mailbox. You can skim through it and filter the ones you would like to be forwarded to you. You can ask for the rest to be kept at the facility (for a limited period) or have it shredded. You also get ownership of all the scanned documents for future reference.

Permanent channel for communication:

If you are a business in transition, having a permanent address is a necessity. You must notify the ASIC every time you change your address, and there is a late fee associated with that. Did you know that a total of $ 219,965,000 was paid to the ASIC in 2020 in fees alone? You can avoid such encumbrance by having a permanent virtual address while your business is in transition.

Local professional presence:

When you get a virtual business address, you can list it under your company’s name on a search engine. It will be the first impression your potential clients get when they look you up. 42% of small businesses in Australia, who created an online presence, saw increased customer inquiries. You can also receive and display reviews on search engine maps, increasing your credibility. Additionally, you can use your address on company letterheads, checks and email signage.

Maintain Privacy:

If you are a home business, you do not want your private address reaching unwanted hands. That being said, it should not dampen your outreach either. You could choose a post box address, but it will not meet ASIC’s registered office requirements.  A virtual address provides you with a registered address while allowing you to maintain your privacy.

Flexible Services:

Top virtual business address providers offer you great incentives to expand. You can upgrade your membership to include phone and admin services. With further upgrades, you avail access to a physical co-working space at the same address. Some service providers also allow you to choose a venue as the location for meetings, fundraisers and even drink tastings.

To summarize, with a serviced office, you get the benefit of a premium office address without the costs of running it. You also avoid the risk of sunk cost if you’re still in the market research phase for that region. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a virtual business address provider now to associate your company with an address that suits its grand vision. With so many benefits, it is no surprise that this industry is one of the fastest-growing in Melbourne.