3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Signet Ring for Men

3 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Signet Ring for Men

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If you want to get something memorable for yourself, you can find many things to help you remember the memory every time you look at it. For example, some men would use a baseball signed by their favourite player to help them remember when it happened. But if you want something subtle and kept with you at all times, you might want to get a signet ring.

You can find many men fond of wearing signet rings because of how attractive they are when worn. However, keep in mind that searching for the perfect male signet ring is difficult, especially if it is your first time getting one. Fortunately, you can learn several tips that will help you choose the right signet ring.

Choosing the Ring’s Model

You should know that signet rings come in different models to give it distinction for each wearer. Therefore, choosing the suitable ring model is crucial to make it feel as if it were specially made for you. Usually, you can check the complete model designs on the store’s catalogue and make sure you inspect each one to get the right one.

The most common shapes for the gemstone area are ovals and cushions, which are great bases to place your desired engravings. Besides the gemstone shape, you also have to determine the shank’s size and appearance. It would be best to choose a shank that will fit you more than thinking about its design to ensure it does not cause you any discomfort.

Selecting the Ring’s Engraving

What makes the male signet ring one of the best accessories for many is placing an engraving that you specifically chose. You can place any engraving on the signet ring’s gemstone, such as family crests, initials, or monograms. Choosing the engraving style is up to you, but you need to choose one that will fit and look great.

Keep in mind that not every engraving style you want will look perfect on the signet ring. You can try to search for more signet ring engravings in magazines, catalogues, or even the internet to give you an idea of how to design them. Note that the engraving will stay on your ring forever, so make sure you do not regret your choices later on by deciding strategically.

Choosing the Ring’s Metal

You should know that choosing the metal for your signet ring is a personal choice, so you should not let anyone choose one for you. You have the option to get a silver or gold metal for the ring, and each of them can provide specific benefits. For example, choosing the gold metal can make your fingers feel warmer, while the silver or white gold metal is best when you want to achieve a cooler effect.

You also have to consider the metal’s durability since you will most likely be wearing it for many years. Remember that you might accidentally break the ring, which can injure fingers due to the sharp cracks. It would be best to not settle for less when talking about ring durability, especially when you plan to pass it on to a different generation and keep the tradition moving.

When considering the several helpful tips described above, you should have no problems choosing the best signet ring for men.

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