Why are leggings so popular?

Why are leggings so popular?

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From Kylie Jenner to Katie Holmes, Meghan Markle to Taylor Swift —   everyone flaunts their leggings. They are wardrobe basics that you can pair with multiple clothing items; their fitted look makes your outfit look put-together; and they give you a lot of flexibility to get creative with your style. Here’s how you can take advantage of the wide variety of leggings available in the market.

Change your look based on the length:

Ankle-length: These are the most ubiquitous, and for a good reason. Choose from a plethora of prints and colours and pair them with boots for a chic look or sneakers for a workout/ casual look.

Stirrup: Such leggings sit snugly and don’t roll when you’re trying to pull on your boots. They are the best if you are looking for a more cohesive style.

Calf-length Battle pants: They are fantastic on hot sultry days. Their length makes them great for working out, going on a hike or a run. Pair them with a waist-length coat and a throw to make them work for cooler days.

Knee-length biking tights: Also perfect to wear on a hot day, these give you more coverage than biking shorts. Some companies add reflective elements on the side to make you visible to vehicles when you are out on your dawn/dusk exercise.

Change your look based on the use:

Comfort wear:  According to Google, the number of people searching for “leggings” suddenly spiked with the announcement of the first lockdown in Australia. Leggings and comfort go hand-in-hand. High-quality leggings are made of a composition fabric consisting of polyester and elastane. The former makes your pair highly durable, while the latter makes it form-fitting yet incredibly comfy.

Activewear: Whether you use leggings for the gym, yoga, running, or dancing, they deliver functionality. Compression leggings offer great support and absorb sweat. High-end leggings come with moisture-wicking technology that does not let sweat accumulate on your skin or in the fabric. Remember to check in reviews if they stay in place when you work out.

Seamless transition from day to night: Leggings are great if you want to head out for a fun evening with friends straight from the gym. Just change from a sweaty crop top or tee into a chic tunic, and you’re good to go. Tip: Check reviews of a pair of leggings if they become sheer when stretched.

Make your leggings an extension of you:

Pockets: If there was anything amiss about leggings, it was that they didn’t have a space for your phone and credit cards. But that’s changed! Look for leggings with a snug pocket for your phone that keeps your phone safe and doesn’t hinder your movement.

Sustainable: the share of sustainable apparel in Australia has increased. Leggings are now available in eco-friendly packaging, made under labour-friendly policies and sourced from responsible suppliers. Some Australian manufacturers take extra care to keep recycling channels open when you want to bid adieu to your old faithful legging.

Prints: Whether it is animal prints or mystical space themes, prints are an excellent way of personalizing your leggings. Pair a plain tank top with leggings with blue and pink marbling to create a great beach look.  

From its inception in the 60s’ hippie movement to the WFH Athleisure of today, leggings have always been loved. Head over to your nearest store or website to buy your next favourite pair today!

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