8 Things You Need To Look For In A Commercial Cleaner

8 Things You Need To Look For In A Commercial Cleaner

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Melbourne, Victoria’s capital, is a flourishing business, administrative, cultural, and recreational hub. So it comes as no surprise that several businesses and ventures have opened up shop in this corner of the world.

Naturally, these places would need cleaning. If you are one of the many business owners based here, you should consider hiring commercial cleaners to ensure the cleanliness of your store, office, or other business space. Many businesses are offering commercial cleaning Melbourne based, so you need to be very discerning.

Available services

Cleaning does not only mean sweeping the floors or dusting. The company you hire must do extensive cleaning services. They must also do glass pane cleaning, garbage removal, equipment cleaning, washroom cleaning, and more.

So before you hire a cleaning company, find out what services they offer. You must make sure that their offered services match your cleaning needs.


Survey before giving a price quote

Before you hire a cleaning company, you must ask them how they will provide their price quotes. A good company will send their personnel first to survey your establishment to look at the task at hand. Then, measure the space, count the number of glasses they need to clean, and do other surveys.

Companies should only give a quote only after they do the survey. Ask companies you know to provide you with a quote and only decide after all quotes have come in.

Insurance for their employees

You must make sure that the commercial cleaning company you hire offers medical insurance for their employees. It is to ensure that whenever misfortune occurs within their working hours, you will not have to bear the medical cost of their treatment.

Tools and supplies

You must also ask if the cleaning company provides cleaning tools and supplies. A good cleaning supply will provide their cleaning tools, disinfectants, and cleaning chemicals. To avoid miscommunication, ask the company beforehand if they will be providing these.

Provision for yearly contracts

It is cost-saving on your part if you enter into a yearly contract with your cleaning service provider. If they offer this, check the details of the contract. For example, find out how many visits they will provide, the contract duration, the validity and the rate. A reputable company provides their clients with long term contracts.

Their clients

One of the things you should never fail to look at is the cleaning company’s list of clients. Their client list will give you an idea of their reputation. You can also do research. Read the review that their former and present clients leave. It will tell you a lot about the services they provide and their professionalism.


Find out how long the company has been providing commercial cleaning services. It will be beneficial for you if they have been in the business long. You should also find out if their employees are trained because cleaners sometimes handle hazardous chemicals. Again, it is helpful if they have undergone training for this.

Meets deadline

A good cleaning company can meet the deadline set to complete the work. In addition, they should be able to work during the hours when the business is not in operation. Finally, they should be able to work in a short amount of time to not disturb your business operation.

These are what you should be looking for in a company offering commercial cleaning Melbourne based. If all these fit the company you are looking at, hire them immediately. The cleanliness of your space will make a huge impact on your workers and potential customers, so you need to choose wisely.

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