Getting Started with Healthy Vending at Work

Making healthy food and drinks available in a vending machine at work might seem like a big project—and it can be. A vending machine needs to be chosen as well as all the treats, goodies, drinks and products that will be sold.

How Do You Get a Vending Machine for Your Business?

Getting a vending machine set up at a business involves one of two approaches.

Find and Buy a Vending Machine

One approach involves finding and buying a vending machine. Then, it must be delivered and set up. After that, it will need to be stocked and checked regularly. Occasionally, the machine will also need to be maintained. Another consideration is that all this must handled by someone within the organization.

Hire a Full-Service Vending Company

Another approach is to hire a full-service, vending operator to handle all the vending machine placement, details and mechanics. A qualified operator will deliver and set up the vending machine and keep it stocked regularly with desirable products. This approach is simpler for the organization, as it requires less upfront and ongoing costs, along with the hassles of management, maintenance and upkeep.

Things to Consider When Considering a Vending Machine at Work

  • Adequate space
  • Convenient, accessible machine location
  • Proper electrical outlet
  • Secure area to prevent vandalism
  • Flavor and food preferences

Once these simple requirements are ensured, the only thing left to do is seek out a qualified vending operator or service provider. They will usually have business vending machines and options that meet a variety of needs.

But have you considered the advantages of healthy vending?

The Benefits of a Healthy Vending Machine

Vending machines with healthy options aren’t like traditional vending machines. With healthy options at work, employees won’t be settling for junk food when they forget to bring a lunch. They also won’t be stuck eating chips and candy bars if they can’t step away from their work long enough to get a meal.

Having healthy food available brings several benefits for employees.

Better Health

According to the to News Medical, bad eating habits contribute to host of issues for both employees and their employers. Unhealthy employees have a harder time doing their jobs and even living their lives. By making good eating choices available at work, employers can help their employees feel better and focus, while also reducing healthcare costs.

More Productive

Some employees have high blood pressure, diabetes or suffer from obesity. According to the CDC, health conditions like these contribute to an annual cost of $34.6 billion due to missing days of work. By having healthy food available to employees, businesses can help reduce sick days and the related costs.


Employees want to feel cared for and valued. They want to feel like their goals are supported at work. By helping employees to make better health choices, employers can boost job satisfaction and promote a happier workforce.

There are a number of reasons to get started with healthy vending at work. Employers are just a few decisions and a phone call away from healthier, happier and more productive employees.