Tips For Hiring the Right Candidate

Tips For Hiring the Right Candidate

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When hiring, companies must know what they are looking for. The job market is flooded with applicants and the only way to find the right fit is by creating a list of requirements and vetting out candidates against them.

Once potential hires have been identified, it’s time to start interviewing. This can be difficult because not every candidate will meet all the criteria. When this happens, it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to determine who would perform best.

Here are some tips for hiring the right candidate:

  • Make sure your list is prioritized – Hiring is a lengthy process and managers must be aware that they might not find exactly what they are looking for. This means that even though a job may be open, it doesn’t mean hiring needs to begin right away. Managers must prioritize the list and determine which qualifications are the most important for this specific position.
  • Look beyond credentials – Sometimes we get so caught up in education and experience that we don’t notice that there’s not a good fit between them and the job. It’s important to look at other skills that aren’t listed on the resume such as work ethic, motivation and cultural fit. These factors can be much more important than education or experience levels.
  • Look for good communication skills – Rarely is hiring one person an isolated act. Hiring managers need to understand how new hires will fit into the existing team. Communication skills are crucial to the success of a new hire and must be evaluated before bringing someone on board.
  • Look for candidates who have done their research – When deciding between two candidates it’s important to look at all available information. What this means is that managers need to look at more than just one interview when making a decision. Managers should look at their candidate’s social media profiles, online reviews and any other relevant information to ensure they have made the right choice between two candidates.
  • Maintain a strong sense of fairness – Hiring is not an easy process but it can be difficult if managers lose sight of what they are looking for. When making decisions, managers need to keep their own biases in check and make sure they are treating each candidate fairly regardless of personal preferences. This means that managers should not hire anyone just because they like them for the sake of the business.
  • Always follow up – Even after someone has been chosen, it’s important to follow up with both candidates to let them know that they were not selected. This also helps with the hiring process because managers can use this time to ask for feedback about what went well and what could be improved in future hiring efforts.
  • Hiring takes time – No one may be the perfect fit on paper, but managers must make sure that when they do hire someone, it’s the right choice. Be prepared to make offers to multiple candidates before finding someone who is a strong fit for the position.

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