Why Corrugated Boxes are a Popular Packaging and Shipping Solutions

Why Corrugated Boxes are a Popular Packaging and Shipping Solutions

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Corrugated boxes can contain a wide variety of products. These boxes feature durable construction, years of engineering expertise, and business value. Reputable box manufacturers will help you ship goods safely while staying cost-conscious using corrugated shipping boxes.

This article explores the features of these boxes and how to keep them safe during transit:

What are Corrugated Boxes

What a lot of people refer to as a cardboard box is often a corrugated fiberboard shipping box. A cardboard box is a kind of heavy paper stock that has a single layer. It is used for a lot of things such as a case for soda. However, it is not typically used as shipping boxes. Meanwhile, corrugated fiberboard is the sturdier cousin of cardboard. It is made by taking a piece of fiberboard with many tiny folds in it, sandwiching it between two flat sheets of fiberboard and pressing all the three layers together. You can order customized corrugated  boxes at belley.net. Because of the multi-layer construction of corrugated, it is far more durable than cardboard and ideal for shipping any type of heavy goods.

Benefits of Corrugated Shipping Boxes

The many benefits of corrugated fiberboard boxes have made them a global staple of the warehousing and transportation industries. These boxes are highly cost-effective while still providing product protection. They are durable enough to withstand regular rough handling in transit. Also, they have the ability to protect goods inside from moisture by resisting and absorbing it. Other benefits of these boxes include the availability of various grades and constructions, recyclability, ease of sealing, and customization.

Picking the Right Packaging Protection Solutions

While corrugated boxes are strong enough to protect their contents, a lot of products still require extra protection. Box manufacturers can also offer a wide selection of protective packaging materials. These materials are ideal for protecting and preserving a variety of goods. But, they cannot protect boxes that are not properly handled.

These materials include the following:

  • Complete air pillow packaging systems. These feature pillows made from biodegradable plastic.
  • This mineral is ideal for cushioning and absorbing moisture. It is available in a variety of grades and sizes.
  • Reusable and recyclable gel packs. These are made with a non-toxic refrigerant safer than dry ice.
  • Shrink wrap and bubble wrap. These materials are essential for restraining and cushioning goods.
  • Dunnage airbags. These protect your cargo from shifting in transit.
  • Packing peanuts. They come in both conventional Styrofoam and plant-based biodegradable styles.

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