What are the Different Types of Men’s Shirts That Every Man Should Have?

What are the Different Types of Men’s Shirts That Every Man Should Have?

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Every man must possess a good collection of shirts in his wardrobe. However, most men are not aware of the exact type of shirts that they should have. There are different forms of men’s shirts out there, making it possible for you to have a comprehensive selection and not get it quite right.

The best solution is to stick to the classic collection, which has been tried and tested. For sure, it won’t go out of fashion. By doing this, you can always assure that you will have the appropriate shirt for every occasion, making sure that you look your best at all times.

Whether you are going out for a cocktail or a wedding, these relevant shirt styles are just what you need.

The Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The Oxford Button-Down Shirt is the kind of casual shirt that is created from Oxford cloth. It is named as Button-Down since it consists of buttons that can keep the collar in place. Compared to a classic formal shirt, this one is much thicker, while bridging the gap between casual and smart.

What makes this shirt essential? Well, this is the key that keeps your wardrobe together.

How to Wear the Oxford Button-Down Shirt?

The Oxford Button-Down Shirt is very versatile. It means that it will be hard for you to get wrong. However, it is greatly recommended that you never wear it with anything that is as casual as sportswear or anything more formal than soft tailoring. Aside from this limitation, you can pretty much wear it with anything else.

The Camp Collar Short Sleeves

The summer staple should be included in your wardrobe when it comes to short sleeve shirts. One of its major features is its spread collar, giving you a more relaxed, lighthearted look. It comes in a patterned or plain design. However, this type of shirt can also include a complex print.

Why should you have it? You probably have never experienced walking along the Mediterranean beach wearing one unbuttoned shirt that flips around your torso as the wind goes by.

How to Wear the Camp Collar Short Sleeves?

The rule of thumb is camp collar short sleeves men’s shirts are designed for summer and spring. They can look great when paired with shorts. It can be worn loosely buttoned up on its own or in an open style over a T-shirt. When going out in the evening, you can pair them with cropped trousers or cuffed jeans along with a pair of loafers. You can also wear it under a summer suit instead of a regular shirt for those warm-weather occasions.

The Cotton Twill Overshirt

The Cotton Twill Overshirt is somewhere between a jacket and a shirt. It is created from thick cotton twill and includes a button fastening and numerous patch pockets on the front side. This shirt has been a workwear staple for so many years now and is considered the most versatile shirt.

Why should a Cotton Twill Overshirt be included in your wardrobe? Well, this is one of the few shirts that can back you up regardless of what the season is. The greatest layering masterpiece of all time.

How to Wear the Cotton Twill Overshirt?

How you wear your overshirt will likely depend on what is the current season. If it is summer, it would be perfect to match it with a light jacket, most especially during those cooler evenings. However, this can also be worn open over a white T-shirt paired with chino shorts.

By sticking to the classic shirts, you can always have the perfect shirt for every occasion.

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