US Standard Products on Using PPE to Promote Safety and Prevent Injury

US Standard Products on Using PPE to Promote Safety and Prevent Injury

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The most effective means to promote workplace safety depend, at least to a degree, on the industry of a given organization. For example, in various sectors, it’s important that employees use personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing certain tasks.

The team at US Standard Products understands this thoroughly. They distribute chemicals for the industrial and janitorial markets designed with safety in mind. Thus, they also appreciate the value of proper safety training and equipment, as well as the usage of PPE equipment when necessary.

The following are among the specific PPEs that US Standard Products and USSP Shipping recommend. You might find after reading through this list that you need to update your personal protective equipment list. Anyone operating in applicable industries should keep these work safety tips in mind:

Protective Clothing

Firstly, you might be wondering what is meant by personal protective equipment. Protective clothing is a type of PPE that can take a variety of forms depending on the situation. For example, if employees are working outdoors at night or in any low-light conditions, particularly if they may be exposed to traffic, they should wear reflective clothing for greater visibility. OSHA actually requires this in many instances.

Ideally, employers should ideally provide workers with the necessary protective clothing, but at the very least, they should include it on their personal protective equipment list they distribute to employees. Workers need to know what they’re supposed to wear for optimum work safety if employers won’t provide it directly.

PPE for Head Protection

Head injuries can naturally lead to brain injuries, which statistically affect a large number of people every year. That’s why US Standard Products safety officials recommend that employees working in environments where head injuries are even remotely possible wear the necessary head protection.

Also, keep in mind that when experts discuss what is meant by personal protective equipment, they emphasize that equipment needs to be adequate for the risks inherent in a given job. A fragile helmet alone may not qualify as effective PPE if it’s not durable enough for the on-the-job risks.

Hand and Feet Personal Protective Equipment

This type of PPE can also take many different forms in different settings. In a workplace that involves employees lifting and moving heavy objects, it’s smart to wear durable, steel-toed boots that offer proper traction and support. In an environment where employees must handle potentially dangerous substances, US Standard dictates that the right protective gloves are essential.

Lung Safety PPE

Employees in any workplace that may expose them to smoke, dangerous substances, harmful particles, or even areas where they may run out of air should be offered PPE to keep their lungs safe. For instance, US Standard Products’ safety experts recommend full-face masks for anyone handling dangerous substances.

PPE for Sense Protection

It’s also important that employees have PPE to guard against damage to their senses. Risks to the senses can come in the form of blinding lights, high volume environments that may affect hearing, and much more.

It’s crucial that all employers understand what types of PPE are necessary in their industries. Every employee is entitled to work safety. This is key to ensuring the use of PPE, safety guidelines are followed, and employees can feel safe . Follow the US Standard Products Facebook page for more information about these topics.

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