Tricks To Get Kids To Wear Face Masks

We all agree that kids can be very stubborn when it comes to wearing face masks. They might find them restrictive and distracting and will end up disposing of them, and this is not safe in any way as most states and countries have set mandatory rules to have face masks on while in public. So after getting a Disposable Mask Supplier In Canada to offer you the best, how do you get your kids on board?

Below is how:

Make it fun

Children savor at any form of adventure and fun, so why not incorporate it into teaching them how to wear masks? You can start by playing a peek-a-boo game to a two-year-old you are just initiating into wearing a mask. And a slightly older child, get them in front of a mirror, dress them in one and have them play pretend that they are a doctor. If you do this, they will find it fun every time they wear one, and within no time, they will be accustomed to it.

Decorate and personalize

If your kid is into cartoons, why not get masks with a cartoon theme they love! This will have them wear the mask without causing a fuss. Besides buying a readily made themed cover, you could have a DIY project and make home-made masks they will be proud to wear. You never know, you may inspire them to become a designer someday through this simple activity.

Normalize it

Have you ever hear of the phrase monkey see monkey do? This phrase is mostly used to refer to how kids learn. They will only copy and know what they see, and so normalize wearing your masks as their parent, and you will find them doing the same whenever you leave the house. Even when you forget to, they might be the one to alert you that you have left it behind.

Talk to them

Children understand far more than what we think they do. In that case, communication is one thing that might help you greatly to sensitize them on wearing masks. They might be curious and ask you why they have to wear one, and here is where you must give them the facts in the simplest of terms. Explain the repercussions of not wearing one and the benefits of having one. But you must be cordial and answer all their questions truthfully. Please do not use it as a threat but as a teaching tool.

Reward them

We all do love incentives, but kids find them more motivating. That said, the next time your little one keeps their mask on the whole trip, congratulate them with maybe their favorite snack or just a word of praise.

Take away

With the pandemic still amidst us, we have no choice but to change our ways to stay healthy and safe. And since our kids come first, the tricks above will, for sure, help. They are straightforward and even a great way to bond with our little ones more.