The Rise of Alcohol Delivery

There is an increase in demand for alcohol delivery that has been showing over the years. This demand did not just spring out because of the pandemic. The spike in e-commerce has ushered in a new era of online shopping, and the lockdown measures that began in 2020 spurred it further. The demand has been increasing for quite a while now, and here’s why.

During Emergencies

Delivering alcohol directly to customers has always been a thing. It has always been a part of the market for different reasons. But for the most part, it was used for emergencies.

For instance, if you are hosting a party and the alcohol you prepared has run out, and the party is not even halfway done, customers will either have someone go to the store to buy more or contact the store to have the alcohol delivered. It only applied to stores that did offer delivery services.

Delivering alcohol directly to consumers has always been a thing. But it started to increase when it became mainstream.


At present, with the pandemic still present, the interest in alcohol delivery has intensified. It has now become mainstream because of the quarantine measures in effect. Although it is different in every state and even in every city, it grew most during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

Just because everyone is staying at home does not mean everyone all of a sudden stops drinking alcohol. Some drink wine during dinner, and some drink beer occasionally, so the demand remains constant. The difference is the way alcohol was being purchased.

Big retailers such as Walmart have also participated and promoted their delivery services to keep business going and because of its high demand. Supermarkets were not affected by the decrease of in-person shoppers because people still needed to go to the grocery store to put food on their tables.

With the quarantine measures and implemented lockdowns and the necessity to shop,  alcohol sales spiked even more now that no one has to leave the house to get a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer.


Companies supplying these alcoholic drinks had to step up and tackle this emerging delivery service. Once the whole world started to shut down, and nobody was allowed to go to pubs and restaurants, regular orders got cancelled, and the future of their business seemed bleak. With that being said, turning to online delivery has become a staple for these suppliers.

Small craft breweries have also entered the online game, and it looks like they will not back out of it even if lockdown measures get lifted because of the convenience it provides for their consumers. It is a win-win solution because suppliers can reach a larger market, and consumers can enjoy the convenience of direct delivery. Of course, it will depend on the availability of the delivery service.

From the need to have additional alcohol delivered during emergencies to the pandemic that has led mainstream retailers to take advantage of e-commerce, the increase in demand for alcohol delivery is evident. So, if you are still deciding on whether it would be worth having alcohol delivered right to your doorstep, you have no shortage of options. Alcohol deliveries are here to stay, and you can finally get the glass of wine you need without having to go to the store to buy it yourself.