Kitchen Utensils Every Cook Should Know About

Kitchen Utensils Every Cook Should Know About

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Australians love watching Gary Mehigan on MasterChef. Viewers would have at least once wanted to try a delicacy they have seen on Television. It is a natural response because creating magic inside the kitchen is something everyone longs to do. Food is a link that connects people across cultures and borders.

For a recipe, the tools and vessels are vital to get the desired results. For example, to make the perfect soup or a stew, a quality saucepans is indispensable, just like how a griddle is essential to make a good hamburger.

Let us look at some other must-haves in a kitchen:

Frying Pan

A Frying pan has a long handle. It is broad and has sloped edges. It is a kitchen staple for sauteing, making sauces, and pan-frying. There is a variety of frying pans in the market classified according to their material.

  • Non-stick
  • Ceramic
  • Stainless-steel
  • Cast iron, etc.

You can buy multiple pans to suit your needs. If you are planning to buy just one, you should invest in a multi-ply, heavy-duty pan. Stainless steel is a sound choice. Although they may cost you some money, it is an investment that will help you for a long time.


It is a broad, flat cook-top. It has no sides or edges and is perfect for breakfast dishes like eggs and pancakes. Steaks and burgers are also made by heating it to high temperatures. Griddles are large and often occupy two burners. So go ahead and make a family meal in no time. Most griddles are cast-iron, but electric ones are available too.

Paella Pan

A Paella pan is designed to make a Spanish paella. They are round and shallow and a perfect accompaniment for you to make sea-food or vegetarian paellas. They are designed that way to help the rice cook on a flat layer, and that way, it retains more gravy and flavour. Carbon steel pans are better than cast-iron as they heat and cool down more quickly.


Unlike the other large cooking pots, saucepans are relatively smaller. They are made from a variety of materials, but ideally, a five-ply is a sound choice. There are smaller sizes to heat small amounts of sauces, for instance, a barbecue sauce for a ‘Barbie.’ 2-quart saucepans are advisable for cooking quinoa or rice. A 3-quart saucepan is used to make soups and stews.

Pressure cooker

It has a sealing lid to trap the liquid and steam inside, so the flavours are rich when you cook with this vessel. A pressure cooker reaches the pressurized state when the contents come to a boil. This vessel cooks the food 70% faster. Pressure cookers were generally considered a bit dangerous, but today they are safe and are quality checked to meet all standards.

Roasting Pan

It is the ideal choice for roasting chicken or your turkey for Thanksgiving. If you are a vegan, it is great for cooking vegetables in large quantities. They are rectangle-shaped and look similar to a large casserole. They can be placed inside an oven, which is one of the advantages.

Saute Pan

It is similar to a frying pan. It has high straight sides and comes with a lid. The tall sides help the liquid from evaporating quickly. They are ideal for pan-frying or cooking greens.


Always have the essential tools and pans before you start cooking. Do not go searching for a frying pan when the food is on the stove and needs tempering. Use these pans next time you step into the kitchen for a seamless cooking experience.

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