Important Tips You Need Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

Important Tips You Need Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

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Australia, like its landscape, also has a unique climate. For homeowners, choosing the perfect outdoor furniture is a huge challenge for them.

The Land Down Under has some of the unique climates in the world. Aussies usually experience intense heat, biting cold, to the salty sea breeze. Thus, buying outdoor furniture always boils down to quality.

Outdoor furniture is sure-fire an instant way to add curbside appeal and functionality to your outdoor living space. But there are important considerations you need to bear in mind given the country’s unique climate.

So, here are the things you need to consider before buying outdoor furniture courtesy of one of the most trusted brands of Australian made furniture.

  1. Quality

When shopping for your outdoor furniture, always consider the materials. Australia’s summer heat and winter cold can both be harsh. Teak, a type of wood is renowned for withstanding different outdoor elements. Teak is commonly used in Australia for outdoor furniture pieces. Thus, longevity is never an issue for this type of wood. Teak also requires minimal maintenance. Also, aluminium, stainless steel, and wrought iron are ideal for outdoor furniture.

  1. Comfort

Never compromise comfort despite the fact the furniture you’re buying is meant for outdoors. Choose pillows and cushions that withstands different outdoor elements. If you’re planning to put couches or daybeds, choose Polyurethane foam that is pre-treated to prevent fungus, mould and mildew from developing. To cover your cushions and pillow, you need to buy synthetically weaved cases, preferably waterproof.

  1. Maintenance 

Furniture requires maintenance to keep its longevity and functionality. Major cities, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth, are situated in a coastal area. The sea breeze contains chloride and salt particles that contribute to corrosion on metal surfaces. Thus, the rusting is very common. Regular maintenance for your outdoor furniture is required if you want them to last long. The materials of your outdoor furniture also play a crucial role to prevent this from happening. With that in mind, always choose materials that require minimal maintenance like Australian made furniture.

  1. Size & Shape 

Space is never an issue for Aussie homeowners. Australian homes have doubled in size over the last 70 years. From 100-square meters, Aussie living spaces have grown 240-square meters nowadays. Outdoor living space is an important section of the majority of Australian’s homes. Thus, they provide a considerable amount of space for it. So, the outdoor furniture pieces’ size and shape is not a matter to be concerned about. Just choose the furniture pieces wisely for comfort and quality.

  1. Colours & Designs

Many people have the impression that all outdoor furniture should be one with nature. In particular, many are fond of choosing natural shades of wood. The colour and design of your outdoor furniture should fit in with the season. For example, change your pillow, couch, and daybed cases with vibrant colours for summer and change to neutral colours during winter. If you want to add more style and be playful with the design, you can incorporate patterns and shapes for that eccentric appeal.

  1. Prices

Outdoor furniture will cost you a bit compared to indoor furniture. It’s because of the materials used to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, so expect a hefty price tag. It’s not entirely the case; pricey outdoor furniture pieces should not indicate their overall quality. Always do research and compare different quotes from different furniture makers.

There you have it! You’re now more than ready to buy outdoor furniture to spruce up your outdoor living space! Just stick to these tips to make the most out of your buying experience!

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