How Virtual Offices Benefit Startups

How Virtual Offices Benefit Startups

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Solopreneurs and startups need an office address but using their home address does not look professional nor does it provide an appropriate meeting place. Virtual offices, also called online offices, provide a cloud environment in which a business owner, their employees, and their clients can meet and accomplish productive work.

Renting a virtual address with a virtual office provides a viable solution. Many office plans offer various levels of service from basic plans that provide a mailing address that forwards the mail to the business owner as well as provide a chat room with audio and video. More advanced plans would also provide one to a few days per month of physical meeting space so the business owner could hold meetings in a conference room. The use of an open office environment or a private office also comes with some of these plans. This saves the business owner money by saving them the cost of renting dedicated office space. Rather than signing a lease, you obtain a great office address on-demand.

Some virtual office environments provide a mail scanning service, so you can read your business mail while remaining mobile for work travel. You can retrieve the physical mail when you return from your trip.

A virtual office lets you hire employees from anywhere and work remotely. They merely sign into the office online and begin work. That makes them more productive, according to DaVinci since virtual workers prove 13 percent more productive than office workers.

This enhances productivity while helping your business reduce its carbon footprint from the start. You run a more environmentally sound business from the start. These items contribute to a more diverse workplace since your positive company culture and productive work environment help you draw more diverse employees.

As you hire and grow your business, using a virtual office environment lets you easily scale your company. You cannot run out of office space since you have the bandwidth of the Internet at your fingertips. You can upgrade to a plan that includes physical meeting space or officing a few days per month to conduct interviews or in-person client meetings.

Save yourself the costs of office furniture, overhead, maintenance, and a deposit plus first and last month’s rent. Earn the prestige of an office with a famous address and professional phone answering service by renting a virtual office space. For those looking to get a virtual office address – Intelligent Office has information on their website to help you get started.

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