How to Pick the Best Bean Bags for Your Home

How to Pick the Best Bean Bags for Your Home

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Beanbags equate to fun! Unlike formal couches, these gems are an inexpensive seating solution for various rooms. Apart from that, they are simple and uber comfy. Above all, they come in a broad range of styles, patterns, colours, and materials. You can use it for any room and drag them around where you want them to be. The key is selecting high quality beanbags to assure longevity and durability. With so many bean bags in the market, it can be overwhelming to pick. Consider the following tricks below to help you find the perfect one that suits your needs and preferences.

Pick the Shape

Beanbags come in a variety of shapes. The most popular one is the round seat as it is the standard design. It is also the most available shape in stores. The round bag readily conforms to the shape and size of the individual using it. They look super casual so they may be best for bedrooms or family rooms. Similarly, the long, rectangular, and casual bean bag can accommodate two people for ultra-fun and relaxation. You can also sprawl your whole body on it.

However, if you want a bean bag in your living area, the square-shaped bean bag may be the ideal choice. These squares follow the design of your living room chair, so the fluid lines match. Some even come with armrests and/or backrests, providing more support. This may be the best option for adults who need to worry about their bones and joints.

Another cool option is a gaming bean bag. It’s akin to an office chair that provides tons of support for the arms, neck, and back. The uber-cool ones even come with built-in speakers to assure a total gaming experience. Suppose you’re searching one for your kids, novelty bean bags with a specific theme work. You can find a dinosaur, flower, cloud, or even a doughnut-shaped bean bag.

Select the Size

The size of the bean bag matters as it will affect the comfort of the person using it. When you’re shopping for high quality beanbags online, don’t forget to check the size. Are you buying it for a small child, a teenager, or a full-fledged adult? You also need to determine what you will use it for. If you just want something for reclining while you’re watching TV, then a small one perfect for sitting is best. But if you want to lay down, a long, oversized bean bag is better.

Additionally, you also need to consider the space where you will be placing the beanbag. Can it fit in the room where you intend to place it? You need to make sure there’s ample space to walk around. Moreover, you don’t want the bean bag to overwhelm the other pieces of furniture. For this reason, checking the size is paramount before you buy it.

Take a Look at the Filling

Beanbags do not have the same filling. What you’re potential bean bag is stuffed with plays a vital role in your comfort. Be sure to check it out so you won’t have any regrets. The most common fillings are the following:

  • EPS: Expanded polystyrene beads are the most common because this is man-made and affordable. It is also lightweight, retains its form, and resists heat plus moisture. However, these are non-biodegradable.
  • EEP: Expanded polypropylene foam beads are stronger. It can accommodate more weight so you won’t have to keep on refilling. But this material is heavy so it can be hard to transfer your beanbag. They’re also firmer and tougher so they may not be as comfy. Additionally, they are not fire retardant.
  • Compressed foam: You may know this as Tempurpedic or memory foam. It is a new filling type the moulds to the body and provides the best temperature. It also offers excellent support. However, it can be pricey.
  • Natural fillers: If you’re environmentally-conscious, natural fillers like beans, hulls, and rice will work. However, your bean bag will be super heavy as you need massive kilograms of the filling. It may also be prone to pests and decay.

Check the Fabric

Last but not the least, select your fabric. You can use vinyl if you need something cheap that’s easy to maintain. However, since this is synthetic, it can be quite warm and sticky. Cotton is great and breathable, but it cannot resist stains. If you have kids, this may not be the best material. Try nylon, instead, as it is cheap and repels dirt and stains.

Cords or corduroy is a super sturdy material that won’t tear easily. It feels soft and silky, too, giving superior comfort. However, they’re quite pricey and need special dry cleaning. Similarly, leather is another expensive option, but it offers value for money. It’s fashionable and functional, assuring longevity and durability. If you want something more lux, micro-suede is another excellent choice. However, this is very hard to maintain.

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