How Much Can A Local Mover in Toronto Charge?

How Much Can A Local Mover in Toronto Charge?

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More than often the rate of local packing and moving service in Toronto would include a minimum hourly charge. Also, there might be a separate charge for driving, as well as for extra labor. Most of the peers in the industry offer a competitive rate. The other incentive of hiring a local company is that they have a thorough knowledge of the places that they will be covering. So the drivers can maneuver through the quirkiest of roads, thus saving you both time and money.

That being said, the pricing policy of the different movers and packers depends on certain factors. Let’s check them out.

What Affects Your Billing

There are several factors that affect what you will need to pay. Cheap Movers from Toronto are also available depending on the place you live, and where you are going to shift, the pricing policy would vary.

  1. The service charge in the metro areas is likely to be higher than that of services in the suburbs.
  2. The hourly rate would also include special services. This includes any extra wrapping, loading or moving from point A to point B.
  3. Based on the pickup location, the travel fee is going to vary.
  4. If the packers need some special packing materials, then you might need to pay some extra fees.
  5. The charge will also depend on the type of building that you are moving to or from. So what you pay while moving from a studio apartment will be different from that of moving to a three-bedroom apartment.
  6. There might be extra fees for activities in the elevator, laborious handling, extra pickups if any along your route, long carriages and additional storage.
  7. Also, make sure to do a little bit of research in the insurance options while paying your bills.

Selecting the Day of Move

Your date of moving out and moving in would have a direct effect on the billing. Here are some ideas:

  1. How early you book your trip or the distance involved in the trip would be an important factor while preparing the rate chart.
  2. Timing of your service reservation is also significant. To get some benefits on your budget for relocation, you would ideally avoid the peak seasons. The height of shifting seasons includes May to September, as well as on weekends, holidays, as well as on the first and last week of a month. It might sound unbelievable, but the right scheduling of your move can save as much as 20% than what you might need to pay on the busy days.


The Best Movers from Toronto might have their pricing policies. Hence, it is optimal that you shop around a little before finalizing the deal with any company. Several enterprises like Let’s Get Moving can give you absolutely no-obligation and transparent quotation. The team can customize its services as per your unique requirements. So it is just a matter of time to find a service provider that you can trust.

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