Finding the Right Wireline Service: Things To Consider

Finding the Right Wireline Service: Things To Consider

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Petroleum, oil and gas industries rely heavily on outsourced services, such as slicklines and wirelines. Before we discuss more on wireline services, let’s understand what a wireline is all about. A wireline is basically an electric cable that’s used in a reservoir or wellbore for various tasks, such as video production, sending and retrieving tools, collecting samples, and so on. A slickline, on other hand, are non-electric but used for similar purposes. Businesses and oilfield owners that need wireline services rely on companies like, but expectedly, not all companies are same.

Here is a quick overview of how to compare wireline services.

  • One of the foremost reasons to select wireline services is to simplify various tasks within an oilfield. We strongly recommend that you check for a company that’s known for its efficiency with wirelines and slicklines. Ask them about the regions they have worked in, if their services are accessible and useful in harsh conditions and under extreme pressure and temperatures, and if they can simplify the task of setting up wireline services. You want to reduce the work of your team and get down to business as soon as possible, and a known wireline service should enable that.
  • Eventually, outsourcing wireline and slickline needs is about establishing cost efficiency, and you need a company that can specialize in aligning its services for the needs of your project. Ask them for a specific quote and ensure that you are eventually saving on the entire expenses by outsourcing.

  • Oilfields and petroleum industries are risky sectors as far as jobs of people are concerned, especially on the field. You need a company that not only offers wireline services, but can also ensure safety of workers. They need to be insured, and the company should work closely with your team to take occupational safety to the next level. Don’t shy away from asking questions about the preventive and precautionary steps taken by a wireline service for specific tasks.

Finally, do check and review the various capabilities of the wireline services in other aspects related to the industry. You need a company that’s not just reliable but can be trusted in the long run. Paying a tad more for a professional and well-rated wireline service within the industry is always better than settling for a cheaper service. Check online and shortlist a few services now to know their wireline expertise.

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