6 Tips on How to Manage Your Restaurant During the Pandemic

6 Tips on How to Manage Your Restaurant During the Pandemic

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The food industry, which includes restaurants, is one of the most hit businesses by the pandemic. COVID-19 is still around, although vaccines are now administered, easing the restrictions on many places. If you were lucky to continuously operate or just reopened, you should still not relax on the safety protocols of your restaurant. You don’t want your customers to get sick as it could hurt your business more. Here are tips on how to manage your restaurant during the pandemic.

Make sure that employees practice health and safety protocols

There are no information or news to date about COVID-19 being transmitted through food. However, your employees may pass the virus on to your customers, which is why they must practice health and safety protocols. Get their temperature as they go to work. Sick staff must go home and get some rest. Ensure that they wash their hands thoroughly and wear protective equipment, such as face masks.

Offer discounts

One way to attract customers to buy from your restaurant is to offer discounts or promos. They are more likely to choose you if they can save money and enjoy delicious food at the same time. Find ingredient suppliers that also offer products at the most affordable prices, so you can still earn while passing the savings to your customers.

Keep the entire restaurant properly sanitised

Customers will be more comfortable knowing that they are safe to go to your restaurant. Clean and sanitise the entire restaurant several times within the day to prevent the spread of the virus. It will also keep your employees safe, which is vital for your business as they are an essential part of your operation. If they get sick, you will also not be able to operate.

Practice social distancing

Continue practising social distancing. Post reminders about it in your restaurant for customers to remember. In offering dine-in service, ensure to adequately equip staff who serve customers with safety equipment. Set the tables to have ample distance from each other.

Offer pick-up and delivery

Although dine-in is now available, not all customers may be comfortable doing this. Offer pick-up and delivery services, so you can still serve them. Make sure that you have staff to take the calls for the orders to not miss the chances of making sales. If you do not have an online ordering system yet, it may be time to consider one. Even after the pandemic is over, it will still benefit your business, especially that many people do their transactions online. Pair up with food delivery services too, so you can reach those who use them.

Provide food subscription

Another way to expand your service is to offer a food subscription. Send customers an email for your menu for the week, and let them order in advance for the entire week or specific days of the week. Deliver the food at their place as scheduled.

There is hope for your restaurant to thrive amidst the pandemic. Ensure you practice safety protocols, offer discounts, and provide various means for clients to make their orders.

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