5 Spectacular Benefits of Online  

5 Spectacular Benefits of Online  

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Do you do online shopping? It’s projected that over 85% of the Australian population will be doing e-commerce shopping by 2021, according to Web Alive. You can also purchase from online catalogues at sources like ILikeSales. This provides a digital version of traditional print catalogues without drawbacks like bulky books and slow browsing. Here are some reasons digital catalogues can give you an edge in your business:

Details and Tools

There are fewer space limitations with online catalogues. You can include more features like additional product details and handy interactive tools, making comparison shopping easier. Manufacturers also create content that’s uploaded to digital catalogues for easy browsing.

More Convenient Access

The spike in online shopping among Australians is partly due to the convenience it provides. That you can only shop at one location and are limited by store hours are some of the main drawbacks of brick and mortar stores.

Meanwhile, online catalogues provide more convenience in these areas. Web-based retailers are usually online except for technical issues. This allows you to place orders anytime during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

With internet catalogues, you can shop anywhere with more convenience. For example, you can use your desktop or laptop at home or at work. Meanwhile, if you have a mobile device like a smartphone, you can shop anywhere you have web connectivity.

Better Shareability   

In the Digital Age, data shareability is important across different devices and platforms. This differs from physical stores, where you can only access the items by going to the store. You can instead access and share products in digital catalogues by using PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Today nearly three-quarters of Australians use social media. This includes 60% of Australians who are active users of Facebook, according to Social Media News. Other social platforms for sharing digital catalogues include Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr. These are all convenient ways you can share products and specials in digital catalogues with friends and family.

Besides having access to a wide selection of items, online catalogues also give you access to various sales, discounts, and specials. It’s one of the ways to find the best online deals. This is especially useful during the holiday shopping season.

Sites that offer online catalogues can also provide you with some of the best online deals. This includes details like online store, product details, and sale duration.

One-stop Shopping

Online shopping provides the convenience of shopping from one website. There’s no need to drive around from store to store to find the items you need.

You can also find e-commerce sites that offer digital catalogues for multiple retailers, such as:

  • Big W
  • Costco
  • IGA
  • Target
  • The Good Guys
  • Woolworth’s

This feature makes shopping even easier since you can browse multiple catalogues from one e-commerce site. You don’t have to switch among multiple websites to browse different catalogues.

Frequent Updates

Many online retailers update their websites weekly or even daily. The process involves e-commerce sites updating their databases, then the new data is instantly uploaded to the internet store.

This provides shoppers with up-to-date information about offerings at digital catalogues. So you’ll have instant access to new products, big sales, and so on. Meanwhile, such changes won’t appear in print catalogues until the next month or season.

Online catalogues such as those at ILikeSales provide consumers with a fast and easy way to browse various e-commerce sites. Some of the top benefits include better access, shareability, and updates. Besides that, you won’t have to lift heavy print catalogues!

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