Why are Ceramic Pots the Best Bet for Indoor Gardening?

Why are Ceramic Pots the Best Bet for Indoor Gardening?

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Are you a passionate gardener? Then, you should know that plants make your surroundings look better and improve the air quality. Houseplants, in particular, have air-purifying quality. However, if you want your indoor plants to provide you with the best results, you must use healthy soil for the plantation. New gardeners are always hesitant when it comes to choosing suitable planters.

There are various types of pots, such as plastic pots, earthenware, and ceramic pots. Many gardeners prefer buying wholesale ceramic pots for their indoor plants, while some gardeners stick to plastic pots. An experienced gardener will always choose a pot considering the favourable circumstances required for particular plants he/she wants to add to the garden. Each plant has different needs, so you need to choose a pot that can meet those requirements.

Advantages of ceramic pots

In most cases, ceramic pots are chosen for indoor gardening. Some major advantages of ceramic pots include:

  • Porous ceramic pots are good for plants that need unglazed mud. They let water and air pass through the sides.
  • For the healthy root development of a plant, air development is essential. A healthy air development strengthens the growth of the root and makes the plant healthier. The earthen pots wick damp, while plastic ones can’t bear too much water pressure. Therefore, if you need to overwater a plant, a ceramic pot is the best bet for you. It clearly shows that plants in ceramic pots need more water than plants on plastic and other pots.
  • As these are coated fired pots, they never dry out easily, even when the air trade is confined. Unlike plastic pots, they allow air trade and can bear dampness for longer.
  • The ability to bear diverse loads and thicknesses is not the same for ceramic and plastic pots. Your choice should entirely depend on what your plants and indoor surroundings need in such a case.
  • Everybody knows that ceramic pots are heavier than plastic ones. Moreover, they are opposed to tipping. This feature makes the pots harder to move from one place to another. Hence, if you are determined that you don’t need to move the plants outdoors frequently, you can go for ceramic pots.
  • Another advantage of the ceramic planter is a thicker divider; plastic pots do not have wider dividers.
  • If you have kept the plants in a semi-shaded place, ceramic pots can be ideal options. These thick pots can save the roots from temperature changes.
  • The drainage system of a ceramic pot can help the plant drain out the excess water so that it can thrive better. You can use pebble stone to make the pots more elegant.


A few tips

If you want to get the desired outcome, you may consider a few things while buying wholesale ceramic pots, such as:

  • Your plant requirements
  • Your interior design
  • If the pots do not gel well with the interior, you can look for customised ceramic pots; you can get the colour and artwork of your choice.

Don’t think that ceramic pots are only suitable for your plants; their aesthetic beauty must also be appreciated. Plastic does not have any good impact on the environment, while ceramic planters are environment-friendly.

You can decorate the ceramic pots, and the addition of well-decorated ceramic pots beautifies your interior design.

If you plan to plant a number of plants, make sure you have the pots ready before your hands. Before planting, you should always keep three things prepared- planters, potting mixture, and fertilisers.

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