What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Floor Scraper Machine

What You Need to Know Before Selecting a Floor Scraper Machine

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A floor scraper is a machine that every equipment rental firm and construction company needs to possess. It can easily do the work of approximately ten workers and thus helps in the timely delivery of any project. However, contractors work in a variety of conditions. Therefore, picking a suitable floor scraper machine becomes essential for them. At the same time, choosing one can also seem problematic. It is not necessary that a heavy and big machine will provide you with the best quality. A good ride on floor scraper that can take up a majority of flooring and does not need to be disassembled on elevators is what you should be looking for.

Given below are some crucial points to consider when investing in such a piece of machine.

Consider the Environment of Use

It is one of the critical factors to take into account when selecting a floor scraper. In big spaces, like that of a warehouse, a ride-on scraper will be ideal, as it is much more comfortable to operate. But suppose you are working in compact spaces like office buildings or schools, a walk-behind scraper will be  more appropriate.

You should also consider the accessibility of the area. If you have to conduct a floor removal job above ground level, you cannot work with a ride-on scraper because of its big size and weight. Here, a lighter scraper like a walk-behind scraper will be a better option.

Availability of Power Source

The accessibility of power sources on a particular site is also essential to consider. If you have to work on outside floor removal tasks, like bridges or parking areas, then you should look into a propane-powered ride on floor scraper. It does not need to be close to a power outlet. Such a kind of machine allows operators to run it for as long as four hours. Thus, it enables contractors to operate for a more extended period and complete their job in less time.

Assess the Battery Technology

The battery technology that your equipment has will determine how quickly the floor removal job gets done. Several manufacturers utilise wet cell batteries that employ a liquid solvent electrolyte. Such batteries give adequate power for the initial part of their run time but soon drop to a lesser discharge rate. It causes the equipment to slow down, which can, in turn, cause a delay in the completion of the project. It would be best to look for scrapers with a consistent battery life of at least four hours.

Assess the Speed and Torque

Speed and torque play quite an essential role in the production rate of such equipment. A heavy floor scraper with suitable speed and torque makes up for a great machine. Speed will not impact the performance much without sufficient weight and torque behind the floor scraper. The three elements of speed, torque, and weight work simultaneously to give you effective results. Another important factor regarding speed is to find whether the equipment has the option of variable speed. This feature becomes helpful in the presence of differing floor materials.

The bottom line is to find a floor scraper machine that you can use in various jobs. Thus, prioritise versatility above anything else. You will definitely be able to minimise labour cost and the amount of time on each task.

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