9 home cleaning tips to make your life easier

9 home cleaning tips to make your life easier

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Most of us don’t like to clean, but everyone loves a clean home. But is there some way to make it a little easier?

If you are an amateur cleaner, you might not be sure whether you should start with the kitchen or bathroom, whether you should vacuum or dust first, or a thousand other things. To make it a little easier, we have laid down a few regular home cleaning tips:

  1. Clean the whole house

Instead of cleaning one room at a time, clean the whole house. Cleaning is more efficient if you pick on one thing (mopping, vacuuming, or dusting) and continue to do that in every room. If you first clean the bedrooms, the kitchen, and then the bathrooms, it will make you feel like you are stuck in an endless cycle, forced to do the same task again and again.

  1. Get all the cleaning tools in a bag

Whether it is a tote, bucket, or caddy, gather everything you need for cleaning in something portable. It will help you avoid wasting time while looking for tools and make the job much easier.

  1. Pick up the clutter

Before you start to clean, go all over the house and clean the clutter. While you are picking up every item, including paperbacks, magazines, or old sneakers, consider if you should keep them, toss them, or donate them.

  1. Dust and then vacuum

Before you start to dust, turn off the ceiling fans. Concentrate the dusting on the undersides of shelves, tops of furniture, on handrails, TV screens, knickknacks, and picture frames. To clean hard-to-reach areas like upper shelves and blinds, you can tie a microfiber cloth to a broom or a mop. Before you start vacuuming, change the bedsheets.

  1. Disinfect surface areas and countertops

Wipe down all the hard surfaces, including appliances, countertops, cabinets, TV remotes, telephones, light switches, doorknobs, etc. Disinfect the surfaces that are most likely to deliver germs. You can either buy a disinfectant or make one by yourself at home.

  1. Focus on toilets, tubs, and sinks

Use a spray cleaner for your kitchen skin, bathroom sink, toilets, and tubs. Let it sit for a couple of minutes so that the cleaner can dissolve stains and dirt. Then, start scrubbing. Clean your kitchen first and toilets last. Make sure that you clean the inside of your appliances as well. While you are in the kitchen, check if your garbage disposal is in good shape or not.

  1. Sweep, vacuum, and mop

Make sure that you first sweep, vacuum, and then mop. When you are sweeping, you should start from the furthest room. Once you are done, you can move to the vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry about vacuuming every nook and cranny. Keep moving and make sure that you vacuum the carpeted room in a single pass-through. After this, you can start mopping. Start from the farthest corner and move backward so that you don’t mop yourself to a corner. Every time you finish a 4×4 area, rinse the mop. There are some cleaning tasks that don’t require to be done every week, including cleaning the windows, washing the bath mats and area rugs, and waxing the furniture. Use your own judgment to determine a suitable time to complete these tasks.

  1. Wash your cleaning tools routinely

Most of us forget that in order to have a clean house, you need to maintain your cleaning tools regularly. Using a vacuum with a full bag or a dirty bag won’t be very effective.

We hope that these regular home cleaning tips make your job a little easier and more satisfying. And if everything fails, you can always hire a professional cleaning service to do the work for you.

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