10 Essential Bedding Items One Must Have

10 Essential Bedding Items One Must Have

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If you ask ten people what’s the best bedding decor, you will get nine different answers. It is only nine, not because two people have the same view, but that one person had no idea about it. Yes, the concept of bedding decor varies from person to person. Even if one has to choose, the varieties are so many that it can be a bit confusing. Similarly, a bedsheet comes in different sizes like single, double, queen and so on. Even the quilt has different categories like single quilt cover, queen size quilt cover, and you can also get some double size quilt cover sets too. A good bedroom setting can even elate your mood as well.

Bedding items don’t end there, and there are numerous varieties. So, here are the ten essential bedding items one must have in their bedroom:

  1. Top Sheet

It is the sheet that goes between the blanket and the sleeper. Quilts, blankets, and comforters are put on top of this sheet so as not to touch the person or bed directly.

  1. Blanket

The blanket sustains the body heat, and one can feel the warmth till the morning in chilly weather. They are commonly made from polyester, wool, cotton etc.

  1. Bottom Sheet

It is a fitted sheet laid above the mattress. It has all corners fitted with elastic to go down and over the corners of the mattress. Having a pocketlike shape helps it to come in direct contact with the occupant.

  1. Pillows

Pillows are available in different shapes and sizes. What makes the difference is the material used to make it. Pillows are made of various kinds of materials like feathers, downs, memory foam, buckwheat, and synthetic fibres.

  1. Pillowcase

Yes, everyone has a pillowcase, but the design and colour you choose make the difference. A beautiful pillowcase complementing the bedsheet and blanket/quilt will change the overall look of the bed.

  1. Pillow Sham

It is usually a decorative covering for pillows, just like a pillowcase. Pillow shams have no open ends like pillowcases, but tuck flaps on the back and all sides are beautifully attached with flange or cording.

  1. Duvet and Duvet Cover

It is a flat and soft bag with down feathers or synthetic fibres as fillers. The duvet is a protective case similar to a pillowcase. People use it as a sheet sometimes.

  1. Quilt

It is a type of bed cover with three layers; top, batting and backing. The top layer is made of layers of fabric pieces stitched together in beautiful patterns. The stitching is known as quilting, and the second layer is filled with down feathers, wool or cotton to create a thin inner layer and the backing is filled with a solid piece of fabric. They come in different sizes like single quilt cover sets, queen size quilt sets and some double size quilt cover sets. People who prefer a rustic look for their bedroom can buy quilt covers.

  1. Bed Skirt

You may not have heard about this. It is a decorative fabric placed between the mattress and box spring. It is long enough to reach the floor and hide the box spring to give a stylish look to the bed.

  1. Throw Blanket

It is a smaller blanket with attractive coloured patterns. It is placed at the foot of the bed for the occupant to get extra warmth and also for decorative purposes. It has fringed edges and looks different from the traditional blankets.

These are a few of the many things you can buy to make your bed look elegant and beautiful. Changing the bedroom set will enhance the whole setting and the hard work you put on the bedding. A bedside table with a lamp, a plant a few feet away from the bedroom window and similar items can change the way your room looks.

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