How Do You Select a Suitable Outdoor Heater for Your Yard?

How Do You Select a Suitable Outdoor Heater for Your Yard?

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Have you been thinking of replacing your old electric heater with a new one? If your answer is a yes, have you checked a few designs online that are suitable for your backyard? A heater can extend your involvement in the outdoor section of your home. You can host dinner, sit and read a book or play foosball in your yards as you will be comfortable after installing an outdoor heater.

However, you don’t have to restrict yourself to limited designs. Today, the market has a massive variety of heaters that are made to fit your outdoor areas. So, before you buy a heater, you must consider some factors that can influence your choice. ‘

Benefits of Installing a Heater in Your Yard

If you install a heater in your front or back yard, you will be able to transform the outdoor space into something unique and special. Another great thing about exterior heaters is that they are low maintenance. If you keep a check on the gas pipe, gas leaks, and other small details of the heater, they will never give you trouble in the long run.

Outdoor heaters are silent and do not take time to heat the surroundings. They are highly durable as well and will keep a check on air quality.

Types of Gases Used in Heater

There are three different fuels used in outdoor heaters, and you can go with any one of them according to your preference.

  • Propane: A propane gas tank fitted in a propane heater is all you need to get warm outdoors. Propane heaters are known for instant heating effects and are super easy to install. They come in attractive designs that can grab the attention of your guests and are a lot more than ordinary heaters.
  • Natural Fuel: A natural gas heater is a low maintenance heater as it consumes no power and only natural gasses. It has an in-built pipeline through which you can supply natural gas. But, there will be a restriction of movement when you choose to go with a natural fuel heater. Hence, if you have decided on a fixed area for sitting, then natural fuel heaters are suitable for you.
  • Electric Fuel: An electric fuel heater will require almost 120 volts of electricity supply. You can pick any plug-in point closest to your deck to power the heater. As compared to the other two heaters, electric heaters are low-maintenance and handly. They can also rapidly warm up space and give you instant comfort.

Are Outdoor Heaters Easy to Clean and Maintain?

You can clean your patio heaters with a damp cloth and some liquid soap. Use soft fabrics to clean the surfaces of the heater, and do not use harsh cleaning solutions as they might cause damage.

As for maintenance, you will have to call a plumber to fix the pipe if there are any gas leaks. Besides, if you select a propane heater, you will have to get the tank replaced with a filled one. For an electric heater, you will have to carefully observe how much electricity it is consuming. If there is any defect, you must get it fixed immediately.

Irrespective of the model or type of fuel you select for an outdoor heater, you will get good comfort in winter. So, enjoy outdoor parties and dinner without shivering in the cold.

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