The Circuit Board Assembly Ordering Process

The Circuit Board Assembly Ordering Process

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Your circuit board assembly service will be quick and easy when you understand its ordering process. First of all, you have to get the quote. You can get a quote for your PCB assembly job online. Just visit the website of the PCB manufacturing company and provide the required details to receive a custom quote. Once the order has been placed and the payment made, you will receive the order confirmation through email. At the same time, if any discrepancy is found in your PCB design file, the PCB engineering team will first contact you for clarification.

You can choose to receive a few samples before all ordered PCBs are made. Double check the sample boards to ensure they meet your specifications. If you come across any issue at this stage, you should rectify it and revise the PCB design file. Once the revision has been made, send the revised design file to the PCB assembly company. It will study this new design and inform you about any pricing change due to the changes made in the original PCB design. Now your PCBs will be manufactured and sent to you immediately

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