5 Benefits of Reference Checking

5 Benefits of Reference Checking

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Hiring employees can be a tedious process. The last thing you want is to add one more task that has to be completed. Although reference checking can add time to the process, it can be well worth it. Understanding the benefits of checking references can ensure that you hire only the very best from the candidates who have applied.

#1: Learn About Your Candidate

The resume that you have on a candidate is only going to tell you so much. You’ll know about a person’s education and background. Depending on how much they’ve shared, you might know about some of their unique skills or awards they’ve received.

However, you don’t know whether those details are accurate.

Reference checks will tell you whether you can rely on the accuracy of the resume. It can ensure that a person has worked where they have identified and held the positions they have indicated. With this bit of fact-checking, you can ensure that you’re interviewing a candidate capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the role.

#2: Dig Deeper Than the Resume

Reference checks can provide you with the ability to ask in-depth questions. Talk with supervisors and with character references to learn more about a person than what they have provided on their resume.

A few open-ended questions can make it easier to gain insight into a candidate. You can learn such things as:

  • Work ethic
  • Organization
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Communication skills
  • Trust

Not all references will answer your questions. Some may even try to refer you to HR. Be sure that you tell a reference that you’re already considering the person for a job so that they don’t

#3: Get a Good Cultural Fit

Establishing a positive workplace culture can take a significant amount of hard work. Once you establish a culture that works, you want to ensure you hire people who can fit that culture. It can lead to a better vibe throughout the workplace. Plus, it can boost employee morale.

Not all candidates will fit the culture you’ve worked to create – and that’s okay. It will be in the best interest of you and the potential candidate that they fit. During a reference check, you can provide insight into the culture to see if that reference believes they will fit.

#4: Narrow Down Candidates Effectively

There may be many candidates interested in the position. Once you’ve had a chance to peruse them, there may be plenty who are qualified to continue through the selection process.

You can’t possibly vet all the candidates. At some point, you have to figure out a way to weed through them all to find the most qualified candidates. Reference checking can be an effective way to do this. You’ll learn about the candidates in terms of their accuracy on their resumes as well as whether past employers would recommend them for the open position that you have available.

#5: Reduce Risks of Hiring the Wrong Person

Hiring can be a spur-of-the-moment decision. While you might want to trust your gut, reference checking can give you the green light for you to move forward. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly decision because of mistakes, accidents, or even because of who the person is.

Some employees have the tendency to be toxic. You don’t want to decrease employee morale because of one bad hire. If a person doesn’t do their job, or they are constantly talking negatively, it can impact everyone around them. Then, instead of having just one problem, you have a long list of them.

How a Simple Reference Check Can Tell You Everything

Reference checks can be done simply – and there are professional services that can do it for you. It ensures that you know everything you need to know about a person before you offer them the job.

You have a responsibility to hire a person who is truthful, capable of doing the job, and who can fit well within the culture you’ve worked to develop. You cannot risk hiring a person blindly just because you like what their resume has to say.

Although a check can slow the hiring process down, it’s time that is well spent to give you a quality employee.

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