6 Proven & Potential Benefits of BCAA

6 Proven & Potential Benefits of BCAA

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Many people are curious to know about BCCAs. Some people also want to try BCAA powder but have learned about amino acids only from the promotional activities of sports nutritional supplements and beverages. Still, the benefits of amino acids are not limited only to athletes.

They belong to a group of organic compounds that share some unique formation traits. They are also called the “building blocks of protein” present in both plants and animals. And, since they play an essential role in bodily functions, they take part in various chemical reactions throughout the human body to balance normal body functions.

BCAA is a group of three branched amino acids- Leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Because of their nonlinear nature, they are called branched. These essential amino acids are not synthesised in the human body, and they make up approximately one-third of the protein found in muscle tissue. Dairy, egg, meat, poultry, and fish have the rich dietary resource of BCAA.

Listed below are some proven benefits of these branched amino acids:

  1. Makes You Stronger

These essential amino acids impede the starting of peripheral and central fatigue at the time of exercise and make you stronger. Peripheral fatigue refers to the tiredness of your muscle during exercise, and by taking BCAA supplements, you can delay it, stay strong and do more activities.

Meanwhile, when your brain gets tired, it is called central fatigue. BCAAs prevent amino acid tryptophan from reaching the brain, which causes your post-exercise drowsiness. This way, you can use the right supplement to delay your central fatigue.

  1. Boosts Your Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercises

Many trained cyclists consume supplements with 6g of BCAAs for a week. It enables them to stay fit and observe excellent performance. On the other hand, BCAAs can also boost your aerobic and anaerobic exercises. As these supplements promote energy and strength, you can continue your exercise session for many hours. So, in short, you will get a healthy body by consuming nutritional supplements along with regular exercise sessions.

  1. Strengthens Immune System

Do you know that regular intense and high-volume training can cause fatigue, immune suppression, and tiredness? So, in order to get rid of these situations, you need to take breaks between each exercise session. These breaks will heal your muscle tiredness and energise your body for the next session.

  1. Protects Lean Muscles

BCAAs are able to preserve muscle mass under severe catabolic conditions like protein breakdown and muscle wasting. Some activities can cause these conditions, such as Ultramarathons and High Altitude Mountaineering. If you take a BCAA supplement, your body will be less likely to consume the amino acids that it produces.

  1. Enhances Muscle Protein Synthesis

Weight lifters love BCAAs for their quality of regulating muscle protein synthesis or MPS. This process plays an essential role in muscle building. A 2-3 g leucine (dose may vary depending on body weight) helps stimulate MPS.

  1. Heals Muscle Soreness & Damage Caused by Exercises

BCAA intake before and after exercise may decrease the extremity and duration of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. This is a painful sensation that can stay for multiple days after an intense exercise session.

Supplements, including BCAA powder, help the athletes and individuals extend their exercise sessions for a healthier life. People having food restrictions have chances of facing leaning muscles. And because of this, consuming BCAAs can help them strengthen their muscles. However, if you have any health issues, you should consult an experienced physician before taking BCAA.

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