How to check the fit of your jacket

How to check the fit of your jacket

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When it comes to suits, little has changed over the last century. There have been some fluctuations according to what is trendy on the day. The classic combination of suit jackets and trousers has been immune to these whims. If you find a suit that is of timeless style and sufficient quality, it will last you a lifetime and can even be passed down.

When you are purchasing a suit off the rack, the process seems pretty simple. However, it is not always easy to find one in your size, throw it on, and attend the event. If you want to nail your look, you have to consider a lot of factors. Today, there is more variation in the modern suit than before. The past decade saw the rise of the signature suite of Thom Browne that includes shorts and not pants. This era is also the time for a looser and louche take on the style. If you are looking for a well-fitted, no-frills, classic suit, a few components are worth considering. Check out the components you need to consider to ensure that you have the right fit:


This is the first step that you have to take to check your fit. Your shoulder should end with your shoulders. If your suit jacket is too small or too big on the shoulder, you need to put the suit back and find the one that is of just the right size. Tailoring can do wonders to your suit, but when it comes to shoulders, it is near impossible and not worth the squeeze.


Under the lapels of your suit, where the top button is fastened, your flat hand must slip easily inside the suit. When you put your fist inside the suit, it should pull at the bottom. You can take some liberty with this depending on your style. However, you should not go far beyond in either direction unless and until you are sure of yourself.


The middle button of your three-button suit or the top button of your two-button suit should not be below your navel. Also, when it comes to buttoning top to bottom, it should be: Sometimes, Always, Never (for a three-button suit), and Always, Never (for a two-button suit).


When your arms are at the sides, your knuckles must be even with your jacket’s button. It is important to note that there can be exceptions to this, depending on what style is in trend. But, if you want to go for the classic look, it is best to make sure that your suit jacket covers your buttocks.


When it comes to the sleeves of your jacket, make sure that your thumb’s base meets the wrist. If you wear a watch, the tailor can shorten the length of the sleeve of your jacket accordingly so that you can show off your goods.


Once the length of your sleeve is correctly sorted, there will be about half or a quarter-inch of visible shirt cuff.


The most classic fit will have an inch of break. If you are going for a modern fit, you can abstain from the break and show some ankle or socks. But, make sure that socks match your suit.

Regardless of what occupation you have, you have to work on yourself-salesmanship. You have to sell yourself to clients, employers, and potential partners (romantic or professional) every day. And the most persuasive outfit for this is a suit – properly styled suit jackets and pants that give you confidence.

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