Fashion 101 with Maxi Dresses

Fashion 101 with Maxi Dresses

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Everybody has a unique fashion style. Some women love wearing pants or jeans, but some hate them because they think they can be too uncomfortable, especially the skinny ones. Some women also love wearing shorts with shirts or blouses. Other girls want to keep it more on the conservative side. At the same time, some ladies prefer wearing outfits that look effortlessly stylish like dresses.

Dresses may come in three forms: mini, midi, and maxi. Mini dresses are the shortest and are usually above the knees while maxi dresses are the longest and can reach up to your ankles or feet. Midi dresses are somewhere in the middle; they are longer than mini dresses but shorter than maxi dresses. In this article, let us talk about maxi dresses.

You may think that maxi dresses are just coming out of the trend shell, but they are present from as early as the 1900s. Women in the older generations often wore dresses that were super long. Try searching for women’s outfits during that era, and you’ll see that maxi dresses were already in trend. They were the most common everyday outfit of all women during those times.

Vintage-looking dresses still exist today, but now, maxi dresses are back in trend with more enhanced and improved styles and designs. Maxi dresses are perfect during the spring or summer season. They are very comfortable and are easy to wear. You can easily move around with these dresses because their fabrics are usually soft and flowy.

Since maxi dresses are supposed to be lengthy, make sure that you choose the perfect length for you. Try avoiding maxi dresses that are above your ankles because that can make your outfit look awkward. You might want to have it floor or feet-length so that you can also enhance your height, maybe look an inch taller.

Pairing with the right footwear

Now, you may wonder about the type of shoe to pair with a maxi dress. Read on for more insight on that:

  • Sandals – this is a classic pair for your maxi dress. This pair of shoes is perfect if you go somewhere very casual, like the beach or maybe run an errand.
  • Heels or Wedges – given that maxi dresses are usually floor-length, it may be a struggle for you if you are not that tall. Wearing heels can make it easier for you to move around with your dress. Heels or wedges are also a nice way to enhance your height.
  • Boots – are much more difficult to pull off than sandals or heels, but if you want to go for that edgy look, wear boots with your maxi dress.
  • Sneakers – another classic. Sneakers go with literally anything. You can wear sneakers with a pair of jeans, shorts, or any kind of dress, including maxi dress. Try choosing simple and plain white sneakers for a cleaner look.

For the fashion-challenged, the perfect look and feel can be tricky to pull off. You have to carefully choose between styles, prints, colours, lengths, and design. There are tons of different styles of maxi dresses that you can wear for any occasion at any place. You can find some quality maxi dresses in the mall or online. If you’re not yet used to wearing a maxi dress, opt for a simple and chic style and pair it with sandals or sneakers for a daytime look or with heels during the night. Layer some accessories as well to make your outfit extra fabulous.

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