Factors That Can Determine Academic Success

Receiving a great education is extremely important. Those that continue to do well in school and have good teachers will develop a passion for learning, will get better grades, and eventually can get better jobs while achieving personal and professional success. Overall, there are a variety of different factors that can influence how successful someone is in school.


One of the most important factors that can determine how successful a student will be is how conscientious they are. A conscientious student is one that is dedicated to working hard, is honest, and is aware of the world that is around them. A conscientious student is more likely to recognize the work that is required to learn and do well. Those that are conscientious will end up being more disciplined and will develop better overall study habits, which can have a direct link to their overall success when in school.

Teacher Behavior and Personality

As would be expected, the teachers that someone has can have a major impact on how well they do in school. Those that have teachers that are dedicated to helping all students learn and treat students equally will end up having a better overall experience. Those that have teachers that are unmotivated or seem to clearly share biases towards certain students will continue to struggle.

Support from Home

For a child or young adult to do well in school, the success that they have often starts at home. A child that has a home environment where parents do not help support or push the student will have a harder time doing well in school. Those that have parents that offer a positive environment and encourage hard work and academic success will be more motivated to work well. Often, this effort will then turn into good grades in the future.

Peer Relationships

The success that a student will have in school is also closely linked to the people that they share the most time with. While parents, siblings, and teachers can be influential, the student’s friends will also have an impact on how well a student does in school. If a student is surrounding themself with other kids that work hard and are dedicated to school, they will be motivated to do so as well. Students should try to get involved in the school where they will meet other kids that want to work hard.

Interest in Subject Matter

Students also tend to do better in school when they are interested in what they are learning about. When they are passionate about the subject matter or it is taught in a certain format, a student can stay engaged and will be more likely to work on it during off-hours. This can help them learn better and improve their grades.

Obtaining a good education is extremely important. Not only will it help someone land a better job, but it can help someone develop interests in passions that can help to guide their entire lives. There continue to be a variety of factors that can influence how successful someone is during school.