5 Tips to Improve Your Website Design and Boost Your Online Sales

5 Tips to Improve Your Website Design and Boost Your Online Sales

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The goal of creating a website isn’t only about providing people with the necessary information. It also aims to convince these people to purchase the products or services sold eventually. There are plenty of ways to entice them, and focusing on web design is on the list. Asking people to visit the page is already a challenge. Making them buy something is an even taller order. The good thing is that they might change their minds about the best web design and give it a shot. These tips are useful in that regard.

  1. Focus on improving appearance on mobile devices

There’s no doubt that people use their phones for almost all transactions. They don’t have time to go back to their offices or homes to use a computer. Mobile devices are always with them, and they will use it to search for information and ultimately purchase something online. An improved website, when opened on a mobile device, can make a huge difference. Google also made it clear that it will prioritize websites that open correctly on mobile phones when ranking on search engines. The lack of effort in this regard could be disastrous for the business.

  1. Improve the calls to action 

These calls to action are the most important aspect of web design. There’s no point in running the site if the visitors won’t take any action and help the business make profits. If there are signs that urge people to buy items, they need to be clear. For instance, the sign that says “Add to Cart” should be huge enough and highlighted with a color that stands out. It should also be descriptive enough. When people click on it, they will know what will happen and what to expect. They won’t feel confused about what’s in store should they decide to take the next step. Instead of saying “Click Here,” it helps if there are lengthier phrases like “Click Here to Sign Up” or “Click the Button for Promotions.”

Another way to improve the call to action is by placing one at every end of a significant piece of information. Since the user already got the necessary details, the next logical step is to purchase something or book an appointment. Seeing the call to action at the end of the page will prevent any hesitation.

  1. Change the photos

The images play a crucial role in web design. Some people don’t have time to go through the texts. They would rather look at the photos and make up their minds. The problem is when these pictures are of poor quality. Worse, when opened on mobile devices, they’re unclear, or the pixels are visible. Changing them could make the website more attractive.

If the site has tons of stock photos, they need replacement. No one can relate to these photos. Imagine selling the products to the Asian population, and the stock photos used are of Caucasians. They won’t appeal to anyone. Even those on the verge of buying might change their minds after realizing that they might not be the brand’s target audience. Other visuals, such as videos and animations, also require improvement. If they’re unnecessary and the files are too heavy, they need to get taken out of the page. They won’t help in the efforts at all. Speaking of videos, they also need improvement. Generic and boring videos won’t appeal to anyone. Testimonials are more effective. If people are willing to place their reputation on the line to promote a brand, it means a lot. How-to or explainer videos are also useful. Some people hesitate to buy the products because they don’t know how they work. When these explainer videos are available, the product becomes clearer and easier to understand.

  1. Don’t be afraid of white space as part of the best web design

There’s a false notion that having white space on the website can harm. The truth is that they’re just as useful as the actual content. The white space offers the eyes an opportunity to take a rest. It’s useful if the page has plenty of details for visitors to learn. If they feel bombarded with too many details and content, they might give up and close the tabs. The white space allows them to rest for a while before moving ahead with other information.

Another reason for maximizing white space is that it helps highlight the necessary content. When the rest of the screen is white, the essential ideas look more visible and recognizable. If these are buttons for calls to action, it even makes more sense. People need to see these buttons right away. Any confusion could lead to a lost opportunity to sell products and services. White space is only an issue if the entire website seems bare and lacks the necessary content.

  1. Speed up the loading of the website

This tip isn’t necessarily about design, but how fast it is to see all the details. When the website doesn’t load quickly, it adversely affects the chances of selling products. People are impatient, and they don’t want to wait for several seconds until the website starts to load all the elements. It doesn’t matter even if it has the best web design. No one will want to see more if the speed of loading is too slow.

To change the speed, there’s a need for a new hosting service. Another option is to remove unnecessary files. Background music, for instance, isn’t helpful. Some people are also listening to their chosen songs while browsing the page. The background music is only going to interfere with their enjoyment of the preferred songs. Evaluate the website to determine if there are details that have to go.

The users have to enjoy browsing the site for them to stay and eventually decide to buy. The best web design will convince them to give it a shot. If the site isn’t enjoyable in the first place, expecting a high conversion rate will only lead to frustrations.


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