3 Keys to Running a Successful Business in the Travel Industry

Just a decade ago, travel was not nearly as accessible as it is in today’s society. Since travel has become easier to access, it has become harder than ever to start and maintain a successful business in the travel industry. The market for convenient services such as off-airport parking, rideshare services, and reservation platforms has become saturated. Thankfully, there are steps that businesses can take to survive and thrive amidst the high demand for travel. In this article, we will give three tips for running a successful business in the travel industry.

Create a Brand That Captures Attention

When you launch a business, it is important that your aesthetic is captivating, starting with your business cards. These cards need to stand out from the rest with easy to read contact information. Printing your card on glossy paper will immediately catch one’s eye, as will a bold design, creative color, or even a fun font choice.

In addition, consider utilizing brand colors that appeal to the audience you are trying to reach. If you are targeting eco-conscious travelers, use natural green tones. If you are looking to capture the attention of business-savvy millennials, use sleek designs and bold contrasts. After choosing brand colors, take time to create language for your company that clearly articulates what your business solves for customers.

Find a Gap in the Market

This tip is particularly useful for travel services. Not everyone has time to travel or even wants to travel, and these customers turn to travel agents in order to have a meaningful experience when they do travel. In fact, when online travel agencies first became popular in the mid-2000s, savvy travel agents were able to capitalize on business from customers who wanted a more traditional travel agency experience despite the ease of booking flights and hotels online.

Other options include creating solutions that have not been solved in the past. For example, Bounce is a service that provides convenient luggage storage services across the globe. This company solved a problem that many consumers encounter during their trips. Finding pain points for travelers will help you develop a framework for your business.

Provide Services That Customers Cannot Access Online

These days, it may seem counterintuitive for businesses in any industry to compete against online distribution channels by providing an offline service that can also be delivered digitally. But there are many cases in which running a successful business requires you to provide a compelling offline service in addition to your online service. For travel services, this means providing concierge or travel agent services that can be booked in person or over the phone instead of just through an app. This is also critical for travel agencies who are looking to stay afloat in a market where booking travel online has become the norm.

Everyone wants convenient travel access but at the end of the day many people still prefer to have their travel needs managed by another travel expert. By taking advantage of offline distribution channels, it will be easier for travel agents and businesses alike to maintain their place in a changing industry.


Businesses can thrive in the travel industry by capturing their audience’s attention and solving common problems that travelers encounter. Business can thrive by creating a brand that captures attention, finding gaps in the market, and providing services both online and in-person