Why Are Sclera Contacts Turning Yellow?

Why Are Sclera Contacts Turning Yellow?

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Many people love using sclera contacts for Halloween or costume parties. They are often used to create a spooky or alien-like appearance. However, over time, sclera contacts may start to turn yellow. This can be alarming, but there are reasons for it.

Firstly, it is important to understand what sclera contacts are. They are a special type of contact lens that covers the entire eye, including the white part sclera. They are larger than regular contacts and can be custom-made to fit each wearer’s eye shape.

Sclera contacts may turn yellow due to several reasons. One common cause is inadequate cleaning and maintenance. Sclera contacts require special care to keep them clean and free from bacteria. If they are not cleaned properly, they can start to accumulate debris and bacteria, which may cause yellowing.

Another reason that sclera contacts may turn yellow is due to extended wear. Wearing sclera contacts for long periods of time without removing them can cause them to become discolored. It is important to follow the recommended wear time for sclera contacts and to give your eyes a break from wearing them.

Sclera contacts yellow for a variety of reasons, but proper care and maintenance can prevent this. If you notice your sclera contacts turning yellow, it is important to stop using them and speak with your eye doctor. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and wear time to keep your sclera contacts looking their best.

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