What Is Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing?

What Is Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing?

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Fibreglass pool resurfacing is a process used to repair and restore the surface of a fibreglass swimming pool. It can improve the look, feel, and safety of your pool. The process involves sanding down the existing fibreglass surface and then applying new layers of resin-based materials. This creates a smooth, durable finish that will last for years to come.

Why Should You Resurface Your Fibreglass Pool?

Resurfacing your fibreglass pool can help improve its overall appearance as well as protect it from damage caused by wear and tear over time. A fresh coat of resin-based materials can help prevent cracks, chips, or other signs of aging from developing in your pool’s surface. Additionally, resurfacing will also make it easier to keep your swimming area clean since dirt and debris won’t be able to penetrate the new coating.

How Is Fibreglass Pool Resurfacing Done?

The first step in this process is cleaning out all dirt and debris from your swimming area before sanding down the existing layer of fibreglass material with special tools designed for this purpose. Once that is done, a layer of primer is applied followed by several coats of resin-based material until you have reached an even thickness throughout the entire surface area being treated. Finally, any imperfections are buffed out before adding an optional clear coat for extra protection if desired.

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