What Are Wedge Anchors?

What Are Wedge Anchors?

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Wedge anchors are a type of fastener used for securing objects to concrete or masonry. These anchors are made up of a threaded stud, a nut, and an expandable wedge-shaped sleeve. When the nut is tightened, the wedge expands and grips onto the inside wall of the hole drilled into the concrete or masonry. Wedge anchors provide strong and secure hold in these materials without needing additional tools such as epoxy or adhesives.

Uses of Wedge Anchors

Wedge anchors are commonly used in construction projects that involve attaching objects to concrete walls or floors such as handrails, machinery, HVAC systems, shelving units, electrical boxes and more. They can also be used for outdoor applications such as mounting signs on sidewalks or parking lots.

Types of Wedge Anchors

There are several types of wedge anchors available depending on what type of material you need to attach your object to: zinc plated steel for use with light duty projects; stainless steel for corrosion resistance; hot dipped galvanized steel for outdoor applications; and epoxy-set wedge anchor which is set with an epoxy adhesive instead of tightening with a nut.

Installation Process

Installing wedge anchors requires careful preparation to ensure maximum holding power once installed.

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