Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

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Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation aims to enhance physical and emotional functioning for those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries. This includes medical and psychiatric care and teaching people new skills to compensate for their brain injuries.

How Does Rehabilitation Work?

Rehabilitation after brain injury is a gradual process that may take months or years. The most noticeable progress usually occurs within the first six months, though it’s best not to make any major decisions until at least a year has passed since the accident.

Patients with traumatic brain injury usually begin treatment as soon as they are medically stable. This time may include occupational therapy, speech, and language therapy, and physical therapy to help retrain the brain for improved function.

They may take part in a group that assists survivors with their injuries, such as the Brain Injury Coping Skills Group (BICS). In this program, you’ll have individual sessions with a neuropsychologist and clinical social worker who will teach you ways to cope with your injuries.

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