Three Ways To Relieve Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Three Ways To Relieve Separation Anxiety In Dogs

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There’s a reason why dogs are dubbed “man’s best friend.” They are devoted, loving, and consistently delighted to see us. However, if dogs are left alone for extended periods of time, separation anxiety can be a serious problem. Three strategies for reducing your dog’s separation anxiety are covered in this article.

1. Exercise: An exhausted dog is a content dog. Take your dog for a lengthy run or stroll before you leave it alone if it suffers from separation anxiety. This will enable them to expend some energy and, ideally, exhaust them so they can rest while you are gone.

2. Crate training: If your dog feels secure in a crate, this can be an excellent method for reducing separation anxiety. They will have a protected location to retire to while you aren’t around so they can unwind and feel safe.

3. Give Them A Familiar Item: Giving your dog a toy or blanket that has your scent on it will make them feel more at ease while you’re away. They’ll feel at ease and be reminded of you by the comforting aroma.

By using these advice for reducing separation anxiety, you may make your dog feel more at ease and at home when you’re not around. They’ll get past their fear and relish their time apart from you with a little time and training. separation anxiety in dogs training plan

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