Rapid HIV test can save your life

Rapid HIV test can save your life

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If you suspect you have contracted HIV, see a doctor as soon as possible. Rapid HIV tests can provide results quickly, potentially relieving a person’s anxiety while they wait for an appointment.

In the early stages, HIV does not always cause symptoms. However, anyone who believes they have been exposed to the virus should seek medical attention. When symptoms appear, they usually appear 2–4 weeks after being exposed to the virus.

HIV progresses to stage 3 without treatment, commonly referred to as AIDS. On the other hand, current treatments can prevent this while also improving health and immunity.

Rapid HIV tests can identify patients who will benefit from antiretroviral treatment, which has been shown to delay the progression of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and death and reduce HIV transmission.

A rapid HIV test may also help confirm the diagnosis of HIV infection in patients who present with an AIDS-defining illness but do not know their HIV status.

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