Modern Indian Restaurant- Top Picks Around The World

Modern Indian Restaurant- Top Picks Around The World

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The modern Indian restaurant is ushering in a new era for this age-old cuisine. These daring eateries take classic Indian dishes and give them new life through unique textures, flavors, and combinations.

The food here is often inspired by regional India, such as oxtail and venison (Rajasthani Khargosh), jholl of lamb shanks (Lamb Shank Nihari), and rock shrimp Koliwada. Special one-night-only offerings also pay homage to India’s culinary history.

Sujan Sarkar International Restaurant | Manhattan is an innovative Indian restaurant showcasing regional Indian cooking under chef Sujan Sarkar who has previously owned restaurants in New Delhi, London, and San Francisco. Here you’ll find a playful take on multi-hued regional cuisine with respect for traditional Indian cooking principles served up in comfortable modern surroundings.

SAATHI INDIAN/HIMALAYAN KITCHENERS – HEYTOWN | This family-run Indian/Himalayan kitchen serves up homestyle Indian and Himalayan flavors in generous portions. Their Chicken Tikka Kebab features juicy cubes of chicken that have been grilled to perfection.

Masala Times in Downtown Brooklyn offers a variety of late-night favorites like Unda Bhurji Paav (spiced scrambled eggs), Spicy Paneer Bhurji, or Tandoori Mushroom Rolls; their signature Boxes for takeaway that features plenty of carbs with either protein or vegetable accompaniments; plus their vegetarian chaats like batatavada (potato balls in chickpea flour batter) and Lasuni Gobi – spiced and crispy cauliflower florets.

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