Mastering the Basics of Formal Dining Etiquette

Mastering the Basics of Formal Dining Etiquette

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Formal dining etiquette is an essential skill to master when attending a business dinner or other special occasion. Being well-versed in proper table manners will help you make a great impression and help you feel more confident. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind when sitting down for a formal meal.

1. When seated, wait for everyone at the table to be served before beginning your meal. This helps ensure that all guests receive their food at the same time and that no one feels rushed or left out.

2. Use utensils from the outside in when eating multiple courses, starting with those on the far side of your plate first and working towards those closest to you as each course progresses.

3. Refrain from speaking with your mouth full, using finger foods as utensils, slurping beverages, or making loud noises while chewing or drinking from your glass/cup/mug/etc These behaviors are considered impolite and should be avoided whenever possible.

4. Place used utensils on either side of your plate after finishing each course – never on top of it. This will signal to servers that you have finished eating and they can take away any plates/bowls accordingly without having to ask if you’re done yet which would be rude.

It important to always practice formal dining etiquette so that you can leave a lasting and positive impression during any business dinner or special occasion.

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