Learning Centre Auckland Services

Learning Centre Auckland Services

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The Learning Centre Auckland offers an array of benefits for those who require its services. It is home to the Special Educational Assistance Program (SAP). This multidisciplinary program provides support to needy students with learning disabilities and needs additional support to cope with the school’s academic and practical demands. SAP was developed in response to the need for a coordinated approach to supporting students with disabilities in both academic and extracurricular activities. In addition to the SAP program, the center is also a national provider of student accommodation.

The centre in Auckland offers a range of activities and services to all learners, regardless of their ability or disability. These include computer-based learning, work placements, home-based learning, phonics, English language instruction, integrated music, art, and technology programs. Certain assessment tools and teaching aids are also available for use by parents and guardians of children requiring specialized assistance. The centre provides these teaching aids at a reasonable cost.

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