Injecting moulding: quickly test your ideas and bring them to life

Injecting moulding: quickly test your ideas and bring them to life

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Developing products in the past has long been cumbersome. Prototyping required a lot of creativity and imagination before a real product could be developed. One of the reasons for this is the need for a mould that enables the shape of the product. Luckily technology is advancing in a lot of fields, including moulds. With injecting moulding entering the stage, the creation of quick prototypes become a lot easier. This technology has been around for quite a while now, but with advancements it becomes more cost-effective.

How can injection moulding help you

The technology can be utilised throughout the product development lifecycle. It is most favourable to start with injection moulding early in the process, as the product design can take it into account. The result? You can go-to-market faster and the inherent capabilities of the technology can be taken into account. This does not only result in a better product, but also in lower costs.

Validate the design’s feasibility

Not only does moulding enable the production, it also tests the feasibility. More often than desired it happens that product designers create something that is unattainable. Or worse, it is a perfect design but requires a lot of money to be manufactured making it unappealing for the target market. These considerations are best incorporated directly at the start to ensure manufacturing and market fit.

Consider a quick scan of your product

If you are unsure if your product is feasible for mass production, you can consider to do a quick scan. Providers of technical moulded parts can help you analyse the design and take the required factors into account. This is not a complex endeavour, experts normally only require a 3D drawing or a CAD file to determine the feasibility and accompanied production costs.

Determine the desired moulding for your situation

Leveraging this quick scan, you can determine what type of moulding you will need. For example, one of the common technologies used is high-pressure injection moulding. This type of mould comes with multiple advantages, including having a high-gloss finish. But more importantly, you do not need any further processing. This will limit the complexity of your production process and thus results in lower costs.

Moulding for every sector

This type of technology is not limited to high-tech components. A lot of different sectors make use of moulding including air-conditioning, electronics, medical components, renewable energy and agriculture. As you can imagine, the use cases across the industries vary widely. With different types of moulding out there, chances are high that you will find a method that suits the needs of your product as well.

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