Hurtta Cooling Vest: The Ultimate Guide

Hurtta Cooling Vest: The Ultimate Guide

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Looking for a way to keep your dog cool during the hot summer? Check out the Hurtta cooling vest! This vest is perfect for dogs who love to play outdoors but can get too hot in the summer sun.

What are the features of this vest?

The vest has a water- and dirt-repellent outer shell filled with a special gel that absorbs your dog’s body heat. Simply soak the vest in cold water and wring it out before putting it on your pup for instant cooling relief.

The vest keeps your dog cool, offers UV protection, and can even be used as an injury prevention tool for dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia or other joint issues.

The vest uses a unique absorbent material to store water and release it slowly as your dog moves, providing long-lasting cooling relief. It’s also lightweight and comfortable for your pup to wear during any activity.
Additionally, the vest’s reflective trim provides added visibility for those evening walks or hikes.

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