How to Improve Your Digital Signage Call to Action

How to Improve Your Digital Signage Call to Action

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Over the years, Australia has grown to become one of the top business destinations for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. The country’s resilient economy, friendly business climate, and high quality of living easily make it a bustling place to enter the business world. However, these advantages have also made the competition more intense. If you want to perform well and grow your business successfully, you will need to stand out from several other businesses doing similar things.

One way to get your name and brand out there is to utilise digital signage in Australia, which can help you advertise your products or services or business as a whole. There are many ways to design your digital signage, but one of the most effective ways to get returns from them is to use a call to action (CTA). Similar to how putting a CTA in your website is useful for SEO to boost conversions, adding one to your signage can also send your audience to the right direction.

Below, are some guidelines on how you can come up with an effective CTA for your signage. Following these tips can help ensure you get your message across to your customers.

Make it Concise But Specific

When people pass by your signage, the chances are they will not stop to read through everything you write. Thus, your message must not be too long and should capture the main point concisely. Make sure the CTA is easy to find by making it stand out from other elements, and though you want to keep it short, you must also make it as specific as possible.

Choosing the right words is important to ensure that you send the right message to your audience. Nowadays, personalisation is becoming more and more popular among businesses as this type of content gets more conversions than generic ones. The key is being strategic with your choice of words. Many times, personalisation may require a slightly longer message, but if you feel that it can create a larger impact, it will certainly be worth it.

Use Action Words

The main purpose of a CTA is to get your audience to perform a specific action, so the best way to convey this message is by using verbs in your digital signage in Australia. Action words can cause people to respond with a sense of motion, making it clear what they should do. For example, phrases like “Sign up today” or “Contact us today” are short and straightforward and clearly tell the reader the intended effect.

Appeal to Consumer Needs


In crafting your message, a good start would be to think about your consumers’ needs and what you are trying to address. For example, if your product or service has to do with promoting a healthier lifestyle, make sure you highlight this in your CTA. Targeting needs and emphasising these in your messages will compel people to respond to your CTA, increasing your chances of generating more leads and conversions.

Using digital signage is easily one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and engage with your customers. Putting a CTA, in particular, can prompt viewers to perform an action that will benefit your business. With that said, coming up with your key message will be critical to generating the intended effect on your target audience.

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