How To Get To Moraine Lake

How To Get To Moraine Lake

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Moraine Lake is one of the most stunning natural attractions in Canada. Located in Banff National Park, this beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and glaciers. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to get to Moraine Lake — whether you’re driving or taking public transit. Here’s how to make your way to this incredible destination:

How To Get to Moraine Lake

If you have a car, the trip from Calgary takes about two hours via Trans-Canada Highway 1. From the highway, take exit 118 to Banff and continue on Bow Valley Parkway until you reach Lake Louise Turnoff Road; turn left onto Moraine Lake Road and follow it for 17 kilometers until you arrive at a parking lot near the lake. There are also plenty of shuttle services available from Calgary or other nearby locations.

It’s also possible to take public transportation directly from either Calgary or Vancouver.

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