Create Custom Fondant Stamps for Your Baked Goods

Create Custom Fondant Stamps for Your Baked Goods

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Creating custom fondant stamps is a great way to add a personal touch to your baking. With a custom fondant stamp, you can create unique decorations that are sure to impress your friends and family. The process of making these stamps is simple and can be done with just a few supplies.

To start, you will need some fondant and an edible ink pen or edible food paint. You can buy these items at most craft stores or online. Once you have the supplies, it’s time to make the design for your stamp. You can use any shape you like – circles, squares, stars, hearts – anything goes. Be creative and have fun with it.

Once your design is complete, roll out the fondant into a thin sheet of about 1/8 inch thickness. Then use the edible ink pen or food paint to trace over the design onto the fondant sheet. Allow the ink or paint to dry before cutting out your stamp using scissors or an X-Acto knife. Finally, press down on some parchment paper with your newly created custom fondant stamp for about 10 seconds so that it leaves an imprint on the paper – this will be used as a template for future stamps.

Using this method of creating custom fondant stamps makes decorating cakes and other baked goods easy and fun. With just a few simple steps you’ll be able to make beautiful decorations in no time at all.

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