3 Important Reasons Why You Should Wear Recycled Plastic Activewear

3 Important Reasons Why You Should Wear Recycled Plastic Activewear

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For many years, polyester has been considered a threat to the planet, and for a good reason. Its manufacturing process is not sustainable, and it is made from petrochemicals, another known adversary of the environment. But thanks to recycled plastic activewear, polyester is slowly shedding its villainous mantle.

As its name implies, recycled plastic clothing is made from recycled plastic products like bottles and fishnet. These are collected, melted, processed into small chips, spun into polyester fibre, then woven into a fabric. It offers many advantages over virgin polyester, and some of these are discussed below.

Eco-friendly Alternative  

Plastic is beneficial and has become an integral part of our daily lives. But the way we dispose of it after using it is becoming a big problem globally. It takes centuries for plastic to decompose, which means that its impact would last many lifetimes.

About 400 million tons of various plastic products are manufactured every year. Forty per cent of it is designed for single use. This fact means that almost two tons end up in landfills, in the ocean, and other places where it could do much damage.

To date, there are over five trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world’s ocean. It has led to the death of countless marine life.

Even if plastic is broken down into smaller pieces (microplastics), it is still harmful to all aquatic animals that manage to ingest them. They block the digestive tract, diminishing appetites and affecting feeding behaviours. In many cases, the fish starve until they die.

The emergence of recycled plastic activewear is an essential step towards addressing the global plastic problem. While it is far from being the ideal solution, it is a good start. What makes it even more promising is that fabric technology is continually evolving, which means that the way it is being made and delivered would only get better over time. As more manufacturers and consumers get involved, the impact of recycled plastic clothing would only get bigger.

Long-lasting and Durable

The resilience of plastic is finally put to fair use with recycled plastic activewear. Being non-biodegradable, it is hard to destroy or damage. Translated into the textile industry, it makes for a fabric material that lasts longer than the others, ideal for activewear where the clothing is subjected to stress, strain, and a lot of sweat.


Practical activewear does not only provide comfort and support. It must be able to handle a lot of sweat. This may sound unimportant, but the moisture-wicking capability is actually critical for sports clothing.

Wet, damp clothes are heavy and can affect your performance during exercise. In addition, it could drip on the floor or on the equipment and create a safety hazard. Aside from being heavy, it feels extremely uncomfortable. Again, this may have an impact on the output of your exercise.

Another way that too much sweat can affect you is by undermining your hygiene. Sweat is riddled with bacteria and other microorganisms. If you drench your skin in it for long periods, it could lead to a host of skin and health problems.

You can easily avoid these problems by wearing recycled plastic clothing. It has the ability to draw the sweat away from your skin and transfer it to the outer surface of the fabric. From there, the material itself facilitates the evaporation. This keeps you from being drenched in sweat throughout your exercise.

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